3d Lead

Apex Season 2 Trailer (2019)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

My team and I were brought in late in the day to support the animation team with their flock of flying beasties. Animating the number that had been requested wasnt feasible so crowds stepped in to free up the animation team for more hero work.  We built out a library of flying agents that utilised Golaem’s flocking toolset to believably navigate the 3d environment. Avoiding rock formations, building and the occasional Leviathan.

Facebook – Mom’s & Dad’s (2019)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

This was a very poignant spot for Facebook highlighting the relationship between social media and parents.  We rebuilt a major MLB stadium and filled with crowd to help broaden the scope for the events shown in the commercial.


  • CG Supervision
  • Crowd Supervision
  • Motion Capture
  • Virtual Production