Crowd Supervisor

Machine Zone – Horizons (2017)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

The first part of what would become a huge project for Machine Zone, the launch promo’s for the new Final Fantasy mobile game.  To accommodate the much large crowd requirements I built a Golaem pipeline from the ground up.  Primarily this was to provide pre and post-visualisation of crowds for the client but ultimately it grew to encompass an entirely new way of approaching crowds at The Mill.

Machine Zone – Join The Adventure (2017)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

The first TV commercial spot for the new Final Fantasy mobile game from Machine Zone. Once again, pushed the crowd pipeline further by developing artist friendly tools to streamline both training and shot creation for the whole 3d team.

Machine Zone – Battleground (2017)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Worked closely with New York, the office tasked with Battlegrounds, to deliver another action packed FFXV commercial.  Once again, refined the Golaem post-simulation pipeline to streamline crowd layout for artists unfamiliar with crowd workflows.


  • Crowd Supervision
  • Asset Supervision
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Golaem Pipeline development
  • Golaem Agent Development
  • Crowd Layout in Golaem
  • Golaem Training across all Mill sites
  • Shading & Look Development