About Me

I have been very fortunate to have spent over 10 years working within and leading teams of talented CG artists at facilities across the globe. Its been an amazing ride and has afforded me the opportunity to work on blockbuster feature films and commercial campaigns for some of the worlds most recognizable brands.

During that time I have focused specifically on developing procedural animation solutions with a focus on crowds and the utilization of motion capture to optimize animation pipelines. This has resulted in my skillset encompassing a wide range of disciplines from asset building and look development through to rigging, motion editing and lighting.  A crowd pipeline is usually a microcosm of a full 3d pipeline and as such requires an in depth understanding of each 3d discipline.

My experience with motion capture has also led me to be technical lead on several virtual production shoots using virtual cameras and performance capture. In this capacity I have worked closely with feature clients to ensure their previs and postvis needs are taken care on set and on delivery. This has also encompassed virtual production in realtime game engines where I worked with the Optitrack community to develop plugin’s for both Unreal and Unity game engines.

Software Skills;

Maya |  Massive | Golaem | Miarmy | Houdini | Motionbuilder | 3DSMax  | Shake | Nuke |  Optitrack Motive | Faceware | Arnold | Renderman | Vray | Syntheyes | PFTrack | Equalizer | Shotgun | FTrack

Related Production Skills;

VFX Supervision | Set Supervision | CG Supervisor | Crowd Simulation | Performance Capture | Virtual Production | Look Dev | FX  | Animation | Previs | Post-Vis | Project Mgmt