Batman vs Superman

Crowd & Motion Capture Supervisor

A complex and varied production on Zack Snyder’s latest DC blockbuster, Batman vs Superman.  Responsible mainly for populating the city during the US Capitol attack and mourning sequence at the end of the movie including one very long chopper shot that featured over 600,000 agents carrying candles.  Miarmy was used exclusively on this project, again due to its ability to rapidly prototype crowd shots for client approval before being refined into final passes.  In addition to crowds, I also built a full library of vehicles to give life to Gotham across several sequences including the Lexcorp Tower, Hero’s Park and Batwing attack.

Show Responsibilities

  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Massive Agent Development
  • Crowd Layout in Massive & Miarmy
  • Asset Supervision
  • Shading & Look Development