SEE – Season 2

CG Supervisor

I was brought in by the team at CBFX to lead the CG team for AppleTV’s latest season of the Jason Momoa drama. We had a wide variety of cg that needed to be completed from digital environments, set extensions, fx and crowd simulation. My role encompassed all facets of CG Supervision including setting up pipeline tools to streamline workflows in Houdini, Maya and between them using Shotgun’s API. We worked closely with other vendors to ensure an efficient sharing of assets and workflows including two motion capture shoots to reduce animation overhead and was responsible for building tools and ingesting that data for artists. I worked closely with the rest of senior team on bidding, staffing and training requirements as well as working on the box where required. We originally started the project with around 80 shots on our roster but ultimately wound up delivering over 200 with a small but extremely talented team.

Proud to say we were part of the team that took home a VES 2022 award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects In A Photoreal Episode. Congrats to the CBFX team and all the other vendor teams at Pixomondo, Zoic Studios and El Ranchito involved in this achievement.

Additionally, the final Episode of Season 2 of SEE, “Rockabye” that featured a great deal of shots produced by the team was Emmy nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode.

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  • CG Supervision
  • Asset Supervision
  • Shading & Look Development
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation