The Martin Agency

3d Lead

Geico – Longest Goal Celebration Ever (2018)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to lead this hilarious spot for the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2018.  Further refinement of the Golaem pipeline at The Mill also included deployment of APEX cloth driven crowd for better integration with the live action plates.  Really happy how this one turned out!


Geico – Easy To Choose : Walrus (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

I was charged with working closely with the asset and lighting department to recreate a fully packed Ice Hockey stadium.  The stadium was entirely CG, only the glass and court were live action. Crowds created in Golaem and lit in Arnold.


Geico – Easy To Choose : Ballroom (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

As part of the same “Easy To Choose” campaign, this time crowds worked closely with the Matte Painting department to help generate the theatre extension at the back of the bowling alley.




  • CG Supervision
  • Pipeline development
  • Asset Supervision
  • Shading & Look Development
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Crowd Simulation in Golaem