The Wolf Of Wall Street

Motion Capture Supervisor

I had the opportunity to work closely with the client side VFX Supervisor, Rob Legato during the Post-Vis and layout stage of Scorsese’s latest hit.  Rob brought a wealth of virtual production experience to us and really assisted in us developing a rock solid virtual production pipeline for the studio.

We shot 2 full sequences with the client on the stage for the ocean storm sequence and the helicopter sequence that takes place at Belforts home.  These were pre and post-vis’d on set with a virtual camera before before handed off to the rest of the pipeline.  Overall a brilliant and very informative project.

Show Responsibilities

  • Set up of 24 camera Optitrack Motion Capture system
  • Pipeline tools for integrating Motionbuilder into studio pipeline.
  • Part of a 2 man crew working closely with client VFX Supervisor to provide Virtual Production services for post-vis to final cameras.
  • Performance Capture for digital doubles.