Wieden & Kennedy

3d Lead

Bud Light – Bud Knight (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Part two of Bud Light’s popular Dilly Dilly army spots.  Once again collaborated with Mill NYC to bring this spot to completion. Worked closely with Crowd Lead in NY to provide assets that could be cross package compatible for use in Houdini as well as Golaem/Maya.

Ad Age Feature

Broadcast & Cable Feature

Bud Light – Ye Olde Pep Talk (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Part one of the hugely successful Superbowl 2018 spots featuring huge armies outnumbering our fearless Dilly Dilly army.  A cross site collaboration with Mill New York and a huge number of assets made this a challenging but rewarding project.

Old Spice – Bee Harder / Buzzsaw (2016)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

I was  responsible for leading the team tasked with building a fully CG stadium and CG beehive for Old Spice. The turnaround time was 2 weeks and the team did a stunning amount of work in that time, resulting in a great looking spot and a very happy client.
Featured on TheMill.com, read more about the spot here and on SB Nation here

Samsung Note 7 – Launch (2016)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Worked closely with Lookdev lead to create fully CG stadium scenes for this launch spot for Samsung.

Powerade – The Corner (2016)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Responsible for overhauling studio standard Massive agents in Arnold to improve efficiency and drastically reduce rendering time.  Also responsible for carrying shots through entire pipeline from crowd layout to final comp delivery.


  • CG Supervision
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Asset Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Crowd Development & Layout
  • Shading & Look Development
  • Pipeline development