300 : Rise of an Empire

Crowd & Motion Capture Supervisor

I was brought in to Scanline to build their crowd & motion capture department from the ground up for Snyder/Murro’s sequel to 300.

I worked closely with Centroid on the first client motion capture shoot that was conducted on set and then provided show wide motion capture supervision for the second motion capture shoot on set at Giant.

Due to the huge volume of shots featuring crowds, a cache library backend was created to automate the initial creation of shots and gave the VFX supervisor the power to tag groups that required hero treatment.  This enabled just two of us to clear over 400 shots in a 5 month period.  It was a hugely challenging show but definitely one of the most fulfilling.

Show Responsibilities

  • Built Scanline's Crowds Department
  • Responsible for a team of artists from crowd TD's to modelling, texturing & look developers.
  • Worked closely with Production across 2 sites to coordinate bid's, staffing and delivery schedules.
  • Supervised Motion Capture shoots internally and externally for the client for delivery to all vfx vendors.
  • Previs, Postvis and Techvis on the Horse Run Sequence