Virtual Production & Motion Capture

Due my background in Motion Capture and Virtual Production, I was brought in on these spots to provide training and support to The Mill’s CG and Production Departments.  Training covered a full range of virtual production techniques from preproduction and talent management to set supervision, real-time streaming from Vicon to Motionbuilder and post-capture cleanup workflows.  In addition to this I was worked closely with the directors and CG supervisor in virtual camera operation and best practices  I also provided direct support to both the stage production and stage manager at Technicolor on shoot days ensuring that the realtime capture of data was smooth and consistent.


  • Virtual Production Training for CG Department
  • Motionbuilder training for Animation Department
  • Realtime capture training for CG Department & Stage Team
  • Virtual Camera Training for Directors & CG Leads
  • Talent Management on day of shoot
  • Capture Shoot Preparation training for CG Production