Ben Hur

Crowd & Motion Capture Supervisor

A technically complex and demanding project bringing Ben Hur to 21st Century audiences.  The majority of the work was to bring the famous ocean battle up to date with thousands of ships and crew.  Working closely with the layout and previs department, we developed a way of early visualisation of crowds for the clients to get the claustrophobic feeling of the galleys at the previs stage. I also coordinated a 3 day virtual production shoot with the clients to enable them to extend and ramp up the impact of the ocean battle.

Final asset delivery consisted of crowds, boats, corpses and props, all simulated through Miarmy utilising its Phys-X integration extensively. Fully procedural ship to ship combat was also designed with crowd Ballista’s, catalpults and archer ranged weaponry with procedural death triggers. Overall a complex project with many moving parts and a large number of all CG shots.

Show Responsibilities

  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Massive Agent Development
  • Crowd Layout in Massive & Miarmy
  • Asset Supervision
  • Shading & Look Development