Nike | Wieden + Kennedy

3d Lead

Nike – You Cant Stop Our Voice (2020)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

A wonderful collaboration with Hiro Murai and the team at W+K Portland just in time for the US 2020 Election season. It was a fast turnaround to get the spot complete for the final debates between the candidates but the team brought their A game to get the spot complete and looking superb in such a short turnaround.

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Nike – Dream With Us (2019)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

I was fortunate to get to once again work with the great team over at W&K, this time for this fantastic spot.  Overall CG work involved a full CG stadium extension with crowds, matte painting and digital doubles.  Worked closely with agency to ensure spot could be delivered over a week earlier than originally planned.

Nike – Dream Further (2019)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

A very complex 2 1/2 minute featurette for the Women’s World Cup, this spot had the lot.  We had 5 full CG stadiums to build, 4 for the main spot and 1 for a video game component of the final spot. Each stadium had at least two team changes which meant that the crowds pipeline was pushed to accommodate all this additional data. Happy to say the teams across Assets, Crowds & Lighting brought their A game to this one and delivered a fantastic looking spot in a very tight turnaround.

Nike – Choose Go (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Another huge Nike spot with plenty of demanding crowd work.  Lead a team of asset builders to generate a brand new 2018 library of Nike athletic clothing for the spot.  Several demanding shots required some careful optimisations to help populate a crowd of hundreds of thousands of agents to be rendered in a very short space of time!

Nike  – Air Moves You (2018)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

Responsible for co-leading a team of 8 artists for this launch spot for Nike’s new Air range.  A very quick turn around with 3 unique stadiums. Worked closely with 2d, establishing more streamlined 3d handoffs to Flame.

Nike Korea – Run It (2018)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Updated asset creation pipeline for crowds, integrating Substance Painter as a primary tool in creating standardised library shading assets and moving entire asset pipeline to a PBR workflow for maximum flexibility.

Nike – Want It All (2017)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Completely overhauled the Crowd Pipeline at Mill LA, creating a brand new Golaem led solution making stadium jobs take hours instead of days. Full pipeline build with toolset created to streamline learning for generalists.  Assets built with fully procedural shaders in Maya to make lookdev’ing a crowd as simple as dragging a handful of sliders.

Nike – Unlimited You (2016)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Responsible for the creation and population of two stadiums including stadium modeling, asset build supervision and look development of crowd.

Nike – The Switch (2016)
The Mill LA – Crowd Supervisor

Joined the team on the tail end of this production, providing direct support and agent support to the team in Los Angeles.

Nike – Fate ( 2009 )
Asylum VFX – Crowd TD

Responsible for populating the Qualcomm and High School stadiums with Massive agents, including brain development and layout.  Oversaw the development of the asset library for agent look development with a team of modeling/texture artists.


  • CG Supervision
  • Asset Supervision
  • Shading & Look Development
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Pipeline development
  • Agent Development in Golaem & Massive
  • Crowd Layout in Golaem & Massive