San Andreas

Crowd & Motion Capture Supervisor

Definitely one of the most technically complicated crowd shows i’ve ever been a part of.  Three huge sequences of over the top destruction requiring a huge array of crowd and dynamics logic.  Worked with VFX Supervisor on Virtual Production camera shoot for post-vis and final cameras.

Miarmy was integrated into the studio’s pipeline to take advantage of its PhysX driven dynamics which were critical for sequences involving full 6 axis terrain deformation.

Show Responsibilities

  • Supervised motion capture shoot and all motion editing
  • Virtual Production Shoot with Client Supervisor for Postvis and Layout on Tsunami sequence.
  • Creation of hundreds of thousands of crowd agents across 3 huge sequences.
  • Implemented standardised workflows for generic human characters for studio, coordinating with Rigging & Assets.
  • Modelling, texturing and rigging to support departments.