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3d Lead

Toyota – One Team (2018)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

I was fortunate to be charged with leading the 3d team on Toyota’s Superbowl spot and was very lucky to be collaborating with a brilliant 2d crew helmed by the fantastic Narbeh Mardirossian.  My primary role was further refining our Golaem crowd pipeline for ease of use for junior artists as well as coordinating a team of asset builders and lighters to deliver the project in its 10 day turn around.

Toyota Press Release ; Sports Fans Unite in Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial “One Team”

Tide – #Staingate (2017)
The Mill LA – 3d Lead

We were tasked to bring an exact replica of the Superbowl LI game at NRG Stadium to life for this Tide commercial due to run during the broadcast. This was a project that relied heavily on coordination between 2d and 3d and I was fortunate enough to have been on a team ready and skilled enough to deal with the frankly insane 8 day turnaround.  We built a fully CG stadium from scratch including everything you would expect to see in a Superbowl game from the stadium, the crowd, coaches, the Fox broadcast set, you name it, it was built in the name of making the commercial as authentic as it could possibly be.  We were fortunate enough to have been featured in AdAge as well as plenty of broadcast news exposure on the night of the game.
Ad Age ; Anatomy of an Ad: Moment of Truth for Tide’s Stain

Ad Age ; The Big Spill: How Tide Pulled Off its Super Bowl Surprise

Creativity Online ; Editors Pick


  • CG Supervision
  • Motion Capture Supervision
  • Asset Supervision
  • Motion Editing and Animation
  • Crowd Development & Layout
  • Shading & Look Development
  • Pipeline development